Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hooked on BBC

So lately I've been hooked on BBC mini series (mini serieses? mini serei?) and I've watched all the Jane Austen and Emily Bronte I can get my hands on. I have to say that when we're talking Wuthering Heights that Timothy Dalton has been by the far the best Heathcliff I've laid eyes on. Though I see in 1939 Lawrence Olivier played the role too. He looked pretty hot too - watch this trailer -

Anyway I must say I enjoy these shows more so than anything on TV these days. Reality shows are the only things out there - they are cheap and a dime a dozen. Some day there will probably be a reality show where we sit and watch someone's hair grow. Yippee. What fun that sounds like -

Oh, by the way, I just got my first royalty check from book sales and now I can finally buy that stapler I've been eyeing in the stationary section at Walmart - life is good people, life is good.

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