Thursday, May 5, 2011

Angry Birds Addiction

I can't stop playing the stupid game on my Ipod. Actually it's not mine, it belongs to my son but now he has a new one - he dropped this one in a glass of pop and it stopped working so he found another one (a better one he tells me) second hand on kijiji and then suddenly one day this one start working again. Except for the sound. I'm glad. I heard those sniggering pigs in the game on his and they really really drive me nuts. No wonder kids are all messed up - this game alone makes me all antsy. I find myself getting all worked up and I get really frustrated if I don't pass a level.

I'm like my own social experiment. I see how the kids get all crazy over these damn games. It's really annoying. One of the big problems is that I play the stupid thing till late at night and then I am really tired too. Son of a gun. I will have to wean myself from this thing.

After this level. I just need to finish this one. Hee hee hee


Cindy said...

Hi Sweetie,
You should try Tiny Wings.

Karen said...

Well, fortunately my son's old Ipod, which I've been using because he got a new one because this one was dropped in a glass of coke and stopped working but started working again, had again stopped working. Figure that one out - anyway, it's bad for my life to play with an a Ipod, I find that hours and hours go by and then so does my life consequently. Go figure.