Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I suck at blogging

I know it. You reading this knows it. Why do I keep trying? Who is out there listening other than no one? Exactly. Life is too busy to keep on blogging.

My dad has a stage 4 brain tumour. Gioblastoma multiforme stage IV. Big name. Big scary shit to go with the name. He's young too - only 77. Lucky sevens, I put on his birthday card in February. Sometimes he calls me older sister's name. Then he gets mad at himself. I tell him it's fine that I know who he is and as long as that happens no one can get lost at the mall.

He also wonders why he isn't in his home town whenever he wakes up in the morning and then he says he realizes when he looks out the window that he isn't but that his brain and his eyes are at war. It's hard to see, it is. He's been operated on and a large tennis ball sized tumour was removed and then there was radiation and now there is chemo therapy. Who knows what will come of it - there are still cancer cells in there but we can only go day by day with it all.

My book is selling but only to friends mostly, sometimes a complete stranger might buy it (!!!!) and that's pretty exciting. I'm working on other things, albeit sllllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwlllllllyyyyy. And working two part time jobs and being a mom. Gaaaaaaa!!!!

So, blogging ain't my forte chicklets but sometimes it feels nice to use it as a sounding board so maybe I'll try more of that...who knows....

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