Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Design or not to Design

I think I'm becoming a bit obsessed with the design part of this blog. In fact, every time I stop in I want to change a font or move something or change the color of something, like that freakin' grey box there on the side - ick. That's gotta go. But later maybe, not right this minute.

Thing is I come here and I design more than I blog. Maybe that's what I should have is just a design blog, it's what I do after all - graphic design. I write too, yeah, but I really like the design part of things. My next thing is going to be to learn how to design websites. That something I have no clue about. I imagine I could figure it out without too much trouble.


Also I need to write more. And lose some weight. And get a haircut. And change my life and find a new place to live and win the lottery and stop fidgeting when I'm bored and make sentences instead of talking non stop and visit my parents more and be nicer to my siblings and take my kids away on a vacation and get a dog and eat less processed food and drink less wine and call my friends more often and pat the cat and buy milk and get some fresh air and vaccum the house and air out my room and put away my winter clothes....

....and breathe. More often and for longer periods of time. Regularly. With organic air only.

Or maybe I'll just redesign this blog page...hmmm....

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