Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's not that I hate to talk, that's for sure

The problem with me writing a blog falls into a lot of different categories.

Number one - who the hell wants to hear what I'm yakkin' about? There are a gazillion blogs out there where people are actually saying something interesting, discussing modern politics and overthrowing governments and saying a lot of witty quipping things that fall under the tongue in cheek humour. I never really understood that, tongue in cheek - where the hell else would your tongue be if not in your cheek? Other than someone else's cheek that is.

Anyway, so there's that. And there's the fact that the only people who read this are really family members or friends so that adds up to about 12 readers - hi guys! And I feel out of touch, really, with the world, with the community, hell, with myself. I've been in a slump lately, that's all, that will go away once the sun comes out and stays there - and once I make some major life changes.

So, I guess I'll just write for myself. Maybe that's what people do anyway, those with the tongue in cheek thing going on, maybe for them it's sort of like journal writing, just in public with a bunch of people leaning over their shoulders reading while they ponder things.

Here's me pondering, feel free to look over my shoulder, comment if you like, or don't and erase me from your favorites list, those that have even put me in there (and you know who you are! :o) Thing is I do like to talk, I do like to write, so I guess blogging is as good as anything in order to accomplish both.

I'll keep trying. I'll improve with time. Hang around, maybe I might even get more than a chuckle out of you who read this and accomplish the ultimate laugh out of readers where their mouths are open in guffaws and who cares where their tongues are!

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