Monday, May 26, 2008


Imagine a vampire. Blood sucking, evil, smelly, dirty, cranky - all around not someone you want to get in a hot tub with, right?

Enter Sabrena. She’s rambunctious, savvy and totally fashionable. She embodies all that is the modern young woman. Er...vampire.

She’s a cutthroat, but only when it comes to managing her company, Vamp Inc. She’s an image consultant to the stars - in fact, she’s coined the phrase revamping when it comes to managing Hollywood careers. She hosts a talk show, Just One Bite, where she interviews a celebrity guest while they cook a meal together that the audience will get to taste - just one bite each, though! She also hosts empowerment workshops for victims of crime. Yes, even she sees the irony.

Unfortunately for Sabrena, trouble starts following her like a noisy drunken relative and her wonderful life starts to unravel. First she’s visited by the vampire who made her. Not only is he the bearer of bad news but on his heels is another of her kind who she doesn’t know whether to run to, or from. This guy is so hot he’d melt the polar ice caps with a glance. Unfortunately his intentions are strictly business when it comes to Sabrena. Well, mostly.

He represents the Tribunal, a body of vampires who see themselves as the underground law system for her kind. With a mandate to keep a low profile and retain balance in the world at all costs, they think Sabrena’s lifestyle stinks of exposure. And while Sabrena thinks they’re all a bunch of old fogies who subscribe to the coffins and sunscreen mentality of Bram Stoker’s day, they are mighty annoyed at her outrageously public ways. The last thing they need is the collective lid of their coffin blown off by some chit in designer duds.

And so it begins...


Cindy said...


Right. So, when do I get a peek????

Your agent has this, right?

Karen said...

Wow, it's been way too long since I've been on here - sorry about that - when do you want a peek???