Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flapping my wings

So I go check on the blog I started and there are no comments. And no money generated from the ads either. Not that I was expecting either of these to be filled up but...well...yeah, maybe I was dreaming they would be. Not that I'm even saying anything worthwhile here so that millions would even consider flocking to this spot either. Just flapping my wings, that's all. Seems to be what I do a lot.

Oh, I saw Black Swan last night. What a movie!! Did I say what a movie? I meant, holy shit, what a movie. Natalie Portman was awesome. Loved it. And my friend tried to flap her own wings after the movie was done and we were on our way out, I think she even scared a few people that worked at the theatre. Nut bar.

Wouldn't have it any other way - :o)

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Cindy said...

Hi Karenella.
Love the tomatoes.
Hang in there!
Short on time, long on company year end stuff, but I'm here.